Top 9 Ways to get free Bitcoins

 There is nothing better than free money Top 9 Ways to get free Bitcoins

, which of course also applies to Bitcoins. The good thing about free bitcoins is that they can be done quickly and without really much effort. In this post, I would like to introduce you to several websites where you can receive Bitcoin amounts for free.

There are countless such websites, some have to close again after a short time and others are pure fraud. For this reason, I only list well-known or paying websites so that you don't have to mess with the providers!

And I also split the whole thing up into two parts:

  • Methods with which you can let your existing bitcoins work for you and they will multiply by themselves by investing in projects. For this, you need some start-up capital, preferably in Bitcoin. The propagation methods can be found here.
  • “Really” free Bitcoins, with which you often only get very small amounts paid out or have to solve a small task (i.e. invest time). You do not need any previous credit for this. You can find the free methods here.

Let's start with the more lucrative method if you already have a little capital:

    Methods for free bitcoins if you already have capital

    Automated investments with Bitcoin

    If you already have a little start-up capital and don't want it to be useless on your wallet Automatic Trading with Bitcoins - The Way for Free Bitcoins, can be an interesting option for you to automatically invest in the Bitcoins in foreign currencies, stocks, or ETFs. The possibility to do this is offered by so-called auto trading robots. Here you pay in the desired Bitcoin amount, choose in the settings which assets you want to invest in, and the bot then uses an algorithm to make profitable trades.
    If you want to use this as a passive source of income, you should above all make sure that you choose settings that are as low-risk as possible, such as a small position size and tight take-profits.

    Good auto trading products always offer a demo mode so that you can test the settings first. One of the best software in this area is Bitcoin Time, the demo account can be found here:

    Bitcoin casinos

    The bonus hunt at Bitcoin casinos is associated with a little more effort. Many casinos Bitcoin Casino Screenshot - Method for Free Bitcoin as Bonus Bidding - with the intention of attracting new customers - First deposit bonuses, free spins, and other bonus promotions. The idea behind it is to retain customers in the long term because a casino usually makes a loss with such offers.

    Conversely, this also means that as a resourceful Bitcoin enthusiast you can dust off a few extra Bitcoins with so-called “bonus hunting”.

    Bitcoin casinos are often still in their infancy, and while bonus hunting barely works at normal casinos, some Bitcoin casinos still have bonuses that are actually worthwhile for players.

    Calculation example: The bonuses can be clarified particularly well with games like BlackJack, where the “edge” of the house is around 0.4%. In the case of Bitcasino, after 35 wagers you “lose” on average around 14% of your paid-in capital, but with the 100% bonus, you get around 186%. If you use the full bonus of 1 BTC, you would theoretically end up with around 1.86 BTC.

    Here are three good starting points (the lower the wager, i.e. how often the deposited amount has to be wagered, the better):

    Free Bitcoin through staking

    Crypto staking is another way to earn bitcoins for free. Here you invest your cryptos at a certain interest rate on a crypto exchange, partly available daily (similar to the overnight money of a bank), partly with a fixed investment period (similar to the fixed deposit at a bank).

    The interest income from crypto staking is based on the so-called proof of stake concept, with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies being available. Since you cannot stake Bitcoin directly, free Bitcoins are possible through crypto staking in 2 different ways:

    1) You use one of the online exchanges like eToro to stake your cryptocurrencies there. Currently, Cardano, Tron, and Ethereum can be held here at interest rates of around 4 to 7% per year. So you can, for example, convert your Bitcoins into Cardano, give them to staking, and thus earn free cryptocurrencies. For this, it is sufficient if the coins are simply in the eToro wallet. Staking starts automatically after a few days, with the coins being available daily.

    2) You can invest your Bitcoin for interest on many other platforms such as Binance, Coinloan, or Kucoin. This is not about the official staking on the blockchain, but about financial transactions in which the platform then lends the coins or uses them for profit in some other way. From the income for the platform, the interest is paid to the investors, which with Bitcoin is usually between 1 and 6%. So you can earn Bitcoin directly for free, even if you should inform yourself exactly about the risks of each platform and never concentrate your entire Bitcoin use on just one provider.

    • bonus amount:100% to 1BTC
    • Free spins:none
    • dare:40x
    Check On 1xBit

    Methods for free bitcoins if you don't have any bitcoins - earn bitcoin
    Screenshot - FreeBitcoin - The way to get free Bitcoins

    FreeBitcoin - 1x per hour

    The undisputed number 1 for free bitcoins is Freebitcoin *. In order to receive free Bitcoins from the website, you must first create an account with Freebitcoin.

    Enter your email address and a strong password and solve the captcha. Then you just have to confirm the email and you're ready to go.

    Tip: Create a new email account for websites like this one with a strong password. So you get more protection for your data!

    You can roll once every hour via the menu item “Free BTC”. The current minimum amount you receive per roll is 0.00000078 Bitcoins (BTC). If you are lucky, you can win 0.026 Bitcoins, which would be almost € 200 at the current Bitcoin rate.

    The good thing about Freebitcoin is that you don't have to remove spam protection to roll it. For me, Freebitcoin even worked with an ad blocker. There are also lottery tickets and/or reward points per roll.

    With lottery tickets, you automatically take part in the lottery, which takes place every week. Up to 0.16 bitcoins could theoretically be won. This corresponds to well over € 1000 according to the current rate. Reward points can be redeemed for certain things. You could redeem reward points for a hardware wallet or for so-called "boosts" to increase your free bitcoins per roll.

    FreeBitcoin pays your Bitcoins every Sunday to your specified Bitcoin address if your balance is greater than 0.0003 Bitcoin. Alternatively, you can manually withdraw your Bitcoins to Freebitcoin via "Withdraw> Instant".

    All in all, Freebitcoin is the best website for free bitcoins.

    Mellow Ads - Once a day

    Mellow ads

    Mellow Ads * is another website for free bitcoins. However, this is only worthwhile for placing advertisements, you will find out why later. You will receive 500, 1,000, or 5,000 Satoshi credited per day. All you have to do is create an account for the Mellow Ads Faucet.

    You create the account by clicking on Register and then entering an email address and a strong password. Remove the spam protection and confirm the email to open your account.

    You will then receive the above amounts once a day. Just click on "Claim now" in the Faucet, release the spam protection from Google reCaptcha, and click on "Claim". In order to receive bitcoins from Mellow Ads, you have to turn off your adblocker. Only image advertisements are displayed and no pop-up advertisements, which is very pleasant in contrast to some other websites. Unfortunately, the minimum payout on Mellow Ads is very high. You must have collected at least 0.001 bitcoins before you can withdraw your bitcoin.

    In addition, you can only use the free bitcoins to place advertisements. You will receive a "Network Advertising Credit" here, which cannot be paid out. But you could use your credit to promote your own website or even to promote your affiliate links from other Bitcoin faucets such as Freebitoin or Bonusbitcoin and thereby increase your free bitcoins.

    Information for getting started with free bitcoins

    All websites that offer free bitcoins are about the same. You have to open an account and then you will receive small amounts in Bitcoins within a specified period of time.

    The time periods and the Bitcoin amounts differ with the providers. The withdrawal methods can also be different.

    For some, it may not pay off to only receive cents every time. If that applies to you too, you should buy bitcoins instead of earning bitcoins. Those who keep collecting in a disciplined manner over the long term can, however, end up with larger sums of money.

    In order to be able to receive bitcoins, you need a bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin hardware wallet is very secure, but it costs at least € 80. If you don't want to spend money, you can install a Bitcoin desktop wallet (in a secure environment) or create a secure Bitcoin paper wallet.

    Free bitcoins and the tax

    tracking paper

    The tax treatment of income from Bitcoin Faucets has not been finally clarified, but you should also keep an eye on that. The overwhelming opinion is that this is a gift, which is why you have to pay attention to the gift tax.

    Unfortunately, I cannot answer to what extent this applies. Cointracking* is ideal for getting an overview of the free bitcoins. You could give your tax advisor this overview to be on the safe side.

    Recommended software for free bitcoins

    You shouldn't visit every website that offers free bitcoins and pay attention to a safe environment.
    An antivirus program is recommended as basic protection. Total AV and Avast are excellent programs that have been convincing for a long time. In principle, an antivirus program is mandatory as soon as you use Bitcoins and manage them on your computer. Visiting a website for free bitcoins resulted in 16 warnings for me!

    This page and others who cause error messages or even want to download harmful files onto my computer are therefore out of the question. If you still want to visit these pages, make sure that you are using an old computer that is allowed to catch viruses and that your Bitcoin wallet is stored somewhere else and in a safe environment!

    >>>The test winner: Antivirus program<<<

    Earn money with Bitcoin

    Earning money with Bitcoin - this is the dream of many users who first learn about the fascinating digital currency. Mostly one thinks of the buying and holding of Bitcoin tokens in a Bitcoin wallet, known in crypto circles as "Hodln".

    This is of course legitimate, but in fact, there are many ways in which you can make money with Bitcoin. We will explain the best and most effective options in detail here in this post. We will also introduce the best providers for this in more detail.

    Each user will have a preferred way in which making money with Bitcoin is desirable for them. Whichever approach you choose, there is always computing power, time, or some effort to invest. The good news is that the best providers minimize this effort and make it simple.

    Make money with Bitcoin mining

    Anyone wondering how to earn money with Bitcoin seriously and gradually, inevitably comes across the subject of Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is the oldest and most original way of getting the coveted digital gold.

    With Bitcoin Mining you become active as a node in the Bitcoin network - the computing power of your own PC or CPU/GPU is used to participate as an authorized validator of Bitcoin transactions in the mining process and ultimately to be rewarded for this activity in BTC.

    How Bitcoin Mining Works

    Bitcoin mining is the process by which blocks of transactions are added to the public Bitcoin blockchain and verified. It is also the process by which new Bitcoin is issued - a mechanism that both ensures the integrity of the blockchain and creates incentives to participate in the network. Miners compete to add new blocks to the blockchain.

    Miners are the people or companies who maintain and review the blockchain network that supports the cryptocurrency. Mining Bitcoin requires significant commitment on the part of miners; it is an expensive, time-consuming task necessary for cryptocurrency to work and people to have confidence in its legitimacy.

    Bitcoin mining isn't as cheap as it used to be, but that still doesn't stop investors from engaging in this activity. Bitcoin's Block Reward is the incentive for miners to use computing power to help operate the blockchain network and verify transactions.

    In the Bitcoin protocol, a certain mining reward is specified, which is halved at regular intervals by the Bitcoin halving. Since the mining task is shared by many users around the world, Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which means that it does not rely on any central authority such as a government or bank for its trustworthiness.

    Several types of Bitcoin mining

    Have you decided that you want to make money with Bitcoin mining, then you still have an important decision ahead of you: which of the numerous types of mining opportunities do you want to use? Specifically, you can either mine Bitcoin independently, you can join a Bitcoin pool, or use the services of a cloud mining provider.
    • Carry out bitcoin mining yourself
    • Join a Bitcoin Mining Pool
    • Bitcoin mining with cloud mining provider
    If you know of other verified Bitcoin websites that deliver Bitcoins for free, you are welcome to name them in the comments and we will list them in this post.

    Our users asked that

    • Where can I get free bitcoins?
    The best sites to get free Bitcoins are FreeBitcoin, Bitfun, and BonusBitcoin. Here you can simply collect free bitcoins at regular intervals.

    • How do I get free bitcoins?
    To get free bitcoins, you can spin a wheel of fortune every hour, play mini-games or try your luck in bitcoin casinos with bonus bitcoins.

    • Can you make money with Bitcoin?
    Yes, there are several ways to make money with Bitcoin. Bitcoin trading is the most popular, by buying Bitcoin and betting on an increase in the value of the cryptocurrency. There are also exciting opportunities to play in the Bitcoin Casino or Bitcoin mining.

    • Can you make money with Bitcoin mining?
    Yes, Bitcoin mining is the oldest way to make money with Bitcoin. However, it has now become quite difficult to earn as a single miner. You need powerful, modern ASIC miners for this - instead of buying expensive mining hardware, it is advisable to use cloud mining providers.