The underestimated good side of the power of Google Maps

 Which companies like Google on his card? What knowledge does Google have about your customers? And how can you use the knowledge for yourself? Practical tips to allow you to influence the search results like a Keypock.

Geographic location system

Google knows what customers are looking for. For years, the search engine evaluates the requests of consumers and optimizes the search results accordingly. And at 3.5 billion search queries a day, the results are now very good. As soon as Google recognizes a local reference in a search query, the search results are also played locally, ie: Companies from the region of the searchers are preferred.

Potential customers are looking for Google Maps for local companies on Google or directly in the app. Google delivers this information and thus triggers the classic industry books - or can you remember when you have opened the yellow pages for the last time? This personal experience can also be statistically proven:

  • 45% of all searches on Google are local search queries.
  • 89 percent of the participants of a study started in 2015, once a week or more often on their smartphone after local companies, 58 percent at least once a day.
  • 50% of smartphone users are looking for business information, such as a local address.
  • 71% of the respondents of the study say that they check the location of a company and confirm before they go shopping there for the first time.
  • 78% of local searches on the smartphone lead to an offline purchase.
  • 18% of search queries about a smartphone lead to a purchase on the same day.

Local searches can be very unique, such as "eyewear + Cologne". But this also works without a city suit with the term "optician" or "optician". Once Google suspects a local search intention, localized results are played. For sorting, the most important factor in the user's location is consulted.
In the local search results, the first prominent box "Local Pack" is displayed.

    What is a "Local Pack"?

    The Local Pack is the first information block in local search results on Google. The Local Pack consists of a display of three local companies and a Google Maps card. Here appear, suitable for the search query of the user, pictures of the company, the opening hours, and also reviews of the local companies.
    google maps homepage

    The basis of a good ranking in the Local Pack are the three following points:

    1. Google My Business entry: full and up-to-date profile to be verified and optimized for the company owner
    2. Local Seo-OnPage Optimization: An informative, fast, and technically well-implemented website for your own operation
    3. Local Seo-Offpage Optimization: Correct and Contrary Business Data on Valuation portals, entries at different map service providers, a link construction strategy, and various social media presences
    Due to this data, the ranking of a company is determined in the so-called Local Pack in the local search. In this box, three opticians are displayed, which fit for the search query and only then do further websites appear.

    Not only Keypocks know: Local Seo is simple

    To get to the first three places, local search engine optimization (Local SEO) needs. Local search engine optimization essentially covers the optimization measures on the Internet, which cause your own company website to be listed for local search queries for search engines. Local SEO not only includes the optimization of its own website but also the creation of industry entries at Google My Business, in other environment portals, with Apple Maps, the construction of local links, the generation, and the observation of reviews for your own company in the Web.

    This sounds complex first but basically is quite simple: with some structured measures, you can refer your competitors on-site to places two and three.

    The most important discipline in Local SEO is the optimization of your company entry on Google Maps. If you have an outdated or unprofessional profile, potential customers are quenched. From a good Google My Business Profile, you benefit in the long term - it's the most efficient way to quickly and easily have success in regional search.

    What is Google My Business?

    The first point of contact for potential customers who inform themselves on the Internet is not with their website. Your website is a great part of a successful online strategy, but more important is your entry at Google My Business. Earlier, Google's free service was still called Google Places and allowed you to edit your company location on Google Maps for free. For customers, this often replaces the visit to their website, as the most important data (address, opening times, and contact) are clearly listed. Often, consumers are also looking directly on their smartphones on Google Maps without going through the "normal Google search". This behavior is learned and you will probably not do it otherwise: If you are looking for a restaurant or a business in a foreign city, the way across the Google Maps search is fast and uncomplicated.

    The three-google-My-Business entries of the optics in the Local Pack, which Google considered relevant to the search query, are the new 1A location on the Internet. Your company should therefore be represented there with correct data. And the better you have optimized your entry, he fits the search query and the user is looking for geographical proximity, the higher the likelihood that your company is displayed in the first three search results.

    Your goals are as follows:
    • higher ranking
    • More customers
    • More sales
    The more active your competition on Google Maps is, the more work you have to put into your appearance. But conversely, this also applies: Do you have a weak competition, enough simple measures are taken. In any case, make sure that you always have a completed profile with current photos and complete as well as correct corporate data.

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    Important factors for the ranking at Google My Business

    Of course, Google does not reveal all the details to your own search algorithm, but the main factors are the following according to your own statement:
    • relevance
    • Popularity/meaning
    • distance

    The results from these three factors are not always perfect for my experience, but from the point of view of Google, the optimal hits are played for the customers. This can lead to a competitor, which is farther away from the location of the possible customer than their operation, having a better ranking in local search than their operation, which is geographically closest.

    Google compares the user's search for tension with the services and products that you offer with your company. The better these two sides match, the better your ranking and the higher the relevance is. The basis for this is that your company data is fully and detailed in the Google My Business entry. Only in this way does Google recognize if your company fits and is relevant to the query offer.

    The known a company is, the greater the benefits in the local search. Well-known brands and supraregional chains have a ranking advantage here. The awareness of the company results from different factors:
    • Number and quality of links from editorial publications or also directories
    • Number and quality of Google Reviews
    • Position of your own website in Google ranking

    Google plays localized results for a search query for a local service or a product, the removal of your company flows into the ranking place for the location you are looking for. If the potential customer has entered no place, the location is determined via data that Google is known about the user. This can be browser data, previous searches, or the like.


    Each owner of a Google My Business Account can view the personal statistics on its company entry and review the success of its optimization measures here.
    Google offers extensive data on the following categories and shows how customers interact with their company entry:
    • How users will find their industry entry
    • Search queries
    • Where users find operation on Google
    • User actions
    • Rights from directions
    • Phone calls
    • photos
    • For this purpose, the company is known

    You are first found in the statistics "How users will find their industry entry", whether the customer is directly by entering their company name, about a product search such as "glasses + Cologne" or "contact lens + Cologne" or also about the search of a particular brand has found.

    Under "Searches" you can see what search terms a customer found them. The terms used can be an important indicator for your own advertising. Products or collection marks that are often searched can then also be taken more in their corporate description of the company entry on Google, on their website, in the local print advertising, or even in the expansion of their assortment.

    In the tab "Where users find them on Google" you will learn how often their operation was called in the local search or on Google Maps. You can call this for the past quarter, the previous month, or the past week.
    In the "User Actions" area you will see how a user has responded to your entry:
    • Call your website
    • Polling directions
    • Call your company
    The "Returns of Directions" area provides information about where your customers come from. This can be interesting for the alignment of local advertising or mailing and their success control. On a map, the areas are marked in color, which is considered the starting point of a description of your company.

    It is common that you can tap on a smartphone display for corporate entries directly to the phone number and so the company calls. In the tab "Telephone calls" you can understand the number of calls.
    Photos are one of the most important elements on Google My Business. In the "Photos" area of ​​the statistics, you can see how often your photos - also compared to the competitors - are called.

    In the last statistics "Your company is known" Learn how your customers evaluate their operation. Does he consider to be particularly fashionable or impressed with advice? Here you will learn the subjective opinion of your users.

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